Cayin IHA-6 Balanced Headphone Amp

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The Cayin iHA-6 is a balanced amp. It takes either single-ended RCA inputs, or balanced L&R 3-pin XLR. However you input, the amp will give you TRUE balanced output.

There is a 4-pin XLR port on the front for balanced headphone out. Then Cayin does something weird. They give you L&R 3-pin XLR (if your balanced cable is setup like that) which also functions as a 6.35mm single-ended port. The Left Side produces a Low Impedance output, while the Right Side is High Impedance.

So… while there are limited inputs on the back, Cayin went the extra mile on the front panel.

iHA-6 was designed as one half of a set, to be paired with the Cayin iDAC-6 MK2.  You’ll see how smart they look together and know instantly they were meant to be stacked, or be seen sitting side-by-side. These two belong with each other.

But that doesn’t mean you should feel bad about choosing just one. Audiophile DAPs these days have such amazing DAC implementation, it often feels like a waste to bypass all that with a digital output. Instead of buying both a DAC & Amp for your desktop, the iHA-6 and a clean line-out DAP could be all you’ll never need, unless you hanker for the ultimate of the two of them stacked together!!


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… What a strange and savage odyssey! I don’t often plug IEMs into my desktop gear, though moments like this make a fellow ponder his habits. Having a beast of this pedigree in reserve when your endurance wears thin and you find yourself longing for a sit-down… well, it can reshape the structure of your audiophilia. The Cayin iHA-6 is fantastically versatile and a winning gamble for earphones and full-size cans alike. It may be the exact missing piece to your own setup, in particular, for those who deal mostly with portable gear…



Premium Build & Powerful Amplification
Keeping in principles quality and tradition, Cayin has designed the iHA-6. The 3D moulded illuminated knobs and a solid suburban design with a sturdy aluminium build makes it premium and robust.  The iHA-6 comes with Toshiba’s intelligent nanoFET circuits which delivers a high quality audio performance with an excellent dynamic performance. This amplifier can power multiple headphones and IEMs and even Planar magnetic headphones of upto 300 ohms.

High-grade Connectivity, Perfect Output
The iHA-6 offers multiple connectivity options. Two XLR input jacks for balanced analog input and two RCA inputs for general connectivity. With a quadruple amplifier setup for a powerful balanced output, two separate XLR / TRS combo jacks for each channel and a 4-pin XLR port for balanced audio makes this Amplifier perfect for High-grade and high impedance headphones. You can plug in any power headphone into the dedicated high and low impedance slots.

Rapallo | Cayin IHA-6 Balances Headphone Amp

Rapallo | Cayin IHA-6 Balances Headphone Amp


Model iHA-6 Input Sensitivity 620mV(High Current,High Gain)
Color Silver Dimension 240mmX252mmX69mm(WxDxH)
Net Weight 3.8Kg Power Consumption 60W
Frequency Respond 10Hz~80kHz (-0.5dB) THD+N ≤0.02%  (1kHz,RL=32Ω)
Power Rating Single-Ended Headphone 1100mW+1100mW(High Current,RMS,RL=32Ω)   2200mW+2200mW(Low Current,RMS,RL=32Ω)
Balanced Headphone 5000mW+5000mW(High Current,RMS,RL=32Ω)   7000mW+7000mW(Low Current,RMS,RL=32Ω)
S/N Single-Ended Headphone ≥105dB  (A weighted)
Balanced Headphone ≥110dB  (A weighted)
Headphone Output 6.35mm TRS x 2 Dual

3pins XLR (Balanced)

4 pins XLR (Balanced)

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