Black Rhodium Oratorio S XLR Cable

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The Black Rhodium Oratorio S XLR Cable is a balanced audio interconnect cable. 

It connects between source equipment and amplifier or between preamp and power amp fitted with XLR connectors.


Black Rhodium Oratorio S XLR Cable

The Black Rhodium Oratorio S XLR Cable is designed for the very best music systems where its natural sound quality, wide dynamic range and low colouration bring out the very best sound from the music.

For many music lovers, balanced XLR are preferred to single ended RCA because the balanced connection reduces the amount of external interference that can degrade sound quality. Oratorio S XLR expands on the outstanding immunity from radio frequency interference and electro-magnetic interference of Overture S XLR to take sound quality to a new level.

Oratorio S XLR is covered in an attractive black braid that is effective in damping micro-vibrations within the cable and reducing the effects of external vibrations.


A review from a customer:
After 25 hours burn-in, my take on Oratorio S: open, extended range, but naturally neutral, with very good micro & macro dynamics, multi-layered sound, picks the tiniest nuances, much larger scene, the high-definition notes appear in a relaxed way, effortless.” – S Popa


Oratorio S XLR is assembled by hand at the black rhodium factory in derby using carefully selected materials and parts chosen after extensive listening. They are fitted with black rhodium XLR connectors which are plated in rhodium for increased clarity of sound.

Oratorio S XLR stereo pairs are available in a standard length of 1m and 1.5m. Because the cable needs to be quite stiff to deliver its promised sound quality, we do not make shorter lengths than 1m.

*Sold as pairs

Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 15 cm

Black Rhodium

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