Atoll Electronique CD80 Signature CD Player

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The Atoll Electronique CD80 Signature CD Player is a top-of-the-range model designed to ensure precise playback of commercial CDs and burned CDs ( CD-R and CD-RW in MP3 , WMA or AAC formats ).

For this, it has a class A analog output stage and a set of 5 regulated power supplies, including a double low-noise one specifically dedicated to the Burr Brown DAC .

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Atoll Electronique CD80 Signature CD Player

The Atoll Electronique CD80 Signature CD Player is entirely designed and assembled in France according to strict audiophile standards, the Atoll CD80 Signature CD player uses a Teac reading mechanism compatible with commercial CDs , as well as CD-Rs and CD-RWs containing MP3 files. , WMA or AAC . To ensure optimal playback, the Atoll CD80 Signature playerhas a set of 5 regulated power supplies, including a balanced power supply for the audio stages and a double power supply specifically dedicated to the converter. These multiple power supplies are associated with an output stage with polarized discrete components in class A, served by a large current capacity of 12,892 µF.


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Atoll CD80 Signature: DAC Burr Brown
To achieve optimal decoding of the digital streams extracted from the discs, the Atoll CD80 Signature player embeds a Burr Brown PCM1793 DAC with differential output. This top-of-the-range model has a dual dedicated power supply to avoid any disturbance and thus guarantee optimal operating conditions. Thanks to this set, the Atoll CD80 Signature ensures perfect disc conversion.

On its rear panel, the Atoll CD80 Signature CD player has a fixed RCA output , as well as two digital outputs (an optical output and a coaxial output). It can thus be associated with a hi-fi amplifier as well as with an external DAC . Finally, controlling disc playback is very easy from the control interface located on the front of the Atoll CD80 Signature player or from its remote control.


Atoll CD80 Signature CD Player
The Atoll CD80 Signature CD player has one analog output and two digital outputs. Incorporating a high-precision TEAC player associated with a high-end Burr Brown DAC , the Atoll CD80 Signature player is an excellent solution for fully listening to your CDs , CD-Rs and CD-RWs .



  • Pure audio CD drive from TEAC
  • Supplies of audio stages with linear transformer
  • Linear supply of digital stages with specific 30VA transformer
  • Symetrical supply of audio stages
  • 8 regulated supplies including a specific one, low noise for the converter
  • BURR-BROWN PCM1793 converter
  • differential audio outputs with discrete components polarized in A class
  • DC coupling (no link capacitor)
  • 4mm aluminium brushed front panel with graved logo and “Wave”, 1,5mm steel chassis, aluminium keys
  • Serial remote control
  • CD text
  • Readable files: CD, CD-R, CD-RW. Formats: MP3-WMA-AAC
  • Low consumption OLED display
  • 1 analog and 2 digital outputs (coaxial & optical)


Technical Specifications

Compatible with CD, CD-R and CD-RW (MP3, WMA or AAC)
Burr Brown PCM1793 DAC
Audio stages with discrete components
Class A
operation Linear power supply of audio stages by low-noise toroidal transformer
Linear power supply of digital stages by 30 transformer VA
Symmetrical power supply for the audio stages
5 regulated power supplies including a double low noise specific for the converter
Current/voltage converters with bipolar transistors

Power supplies: 30 + 5 VA
Current capacity: 12,892 µF
Rise time: 2 µs
Output level: 2.5 VRMS Output
impedance: 5.6 ohms
Bandwidth: 5 Hz to 20 kHz
Signal/noise ratio: 113 dB

1x RCA stereo line
output 1x coaxial digital
output 1x optical digital output

Dimensions (WxHxD): 440 x 90 x 280 mm
Weight: 5 kg

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 9 × 44 × 2.8 cm

Atoll Electronique

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