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Hi-Res deconstructed

Hi-Res deconstructed

High-Res audio is supposed to be the be all and end all in digital music.  But what does the little gold and black ‘Hi-Res Audio’ logo mean. Is Hi-Res Audio really such a big deal? Should you pay attention to it? How is it different to other digital music files? And what do you need to listen to it? 

The importance of cooling AV and Hi-Fi components

The importance of cooling AV and Hi-Fi components

Deano, our Rapallo man of all things audiophile has a message for you: Make sure that all your precious AV gear and Hi-fi components are adequately cooled. We let him explain why he thinks you might need a reminder.

Hi-Fi & Audio Visual components tend to offer us joy by the truckloads, but they also tend to be heavy on the wallet (which considering the high level engineering that goes into them is understandable). This fact means that every single one of us has every intention of looking after our precious investments. But what does it mean to look after your gear?

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