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Wave High Fidelity


In the heart of England, we research, develop, design and manufacture hifi cables and accessories which provide exceptional performance and value for money.

Our products consistently meet or exceed listener expectations; in performance terms they are a match, and often more than a match, for cables costing several times as much.

WAVE High Fidelity cables are an apt blend of style and substance, attractively designed and modestly packaged; discreet enough to let the hifi equipment they connect keep the limelight but also smart enough to hold their own in the most sophisticated of systems and settings.

WAVE High Fidelity started small: just a man in a toolshed (well, my wife’s utility room really). We started very small then. And now we are, well, small-ish but, we like to think, perfectly formed.

We also started by accident…. after a successful project to radically modify and improve a pair of speakers and then to see if we could improve on the interconnects and speaker cables being used in our reference system at home (plot spoiler, we did). Then the challenge of solving the conundrum of the dual data link between the Chord Blu2 MScaler and Dave reared its ugly head. The solution, the WAVE Storm BNC cable, has attracted universal praise for the elegant way it allows the Blu2 MScaler and Mscaler with the corresponding Chord DACs to supply music to their full potential.

Oh, and we like to think that they look good as well.

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