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iFi (pronounced ’eye-fi’ ) designs and manufactures high-end audio equipment.

They produce DACs, headphone amplifiers, phono stages, pre-amps, all-in-ones, as well as a range of signal and power accessories.

The company is a subsidiary of the British brand AMR, a manufacturer of ultra-fidelity audio products. iFi launched at RMAF 2012 with 4 products and won an EISA for Best Product in 2014-15. They now have over 30 award-winning components in their portfolio.

The core technology design team consists of AMR/iFi chief engineer Thorsten Loesch (Germany), Owen Delehedy (UK), Mike Butler (UK).

The more recent designs are under the direction of industrial designer Julien Haziza (France) who worked for Yoshiki Hishinuma, a designer of Issey Miyake.

Today, they have a global presence spanning all the major markets. Retailers range from B&H Photo (NYC) to Virgin Megastore (Dubai) to Yodabashi Camera (Tokyo) to Rapallo AV (New Zealand).

Rapallo sells the full range of products as the New Zealand approved retailer. Our team are only too happy to help out with any questions you may have. Please contact us via +6492744515 or sales@rapalloav.co.nz.

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