Cowon Global

Cowon Global is a South Korean manufacturer of digital audio players, earphones, multi-media players and dash-cams. They originally started out developing software and microelectronics in 1995.

Back then, their main focus was on their multimedia playback software JetAudio, speech synthesis and speech recognition. It was in 2000 when they first explored the audio player market with the CW100. Since then it has become their core business.

When looking at their history of being software developers, it doesn’t come as a surprise that they have developed their own sound enhancement technology with Jet Effect and AI Audio. Both of which are implemented in their products. Jet Effect brings an EQ, BBE Effects and special sound effects like reverb or stereo enhance. AI Audio is an automated software that learns from the user’s behaviour.

Their Plenue line of products is where the audiophiles are most interested in. Cowon has received good reputation for their previous models, like the Plenue 1, the Plenue D or the Plenue S.


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