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AC Infinity is a technology company focused on environmental controls.

Their team’s primary vision is to design truly innovative systems for audio-video, HVAC, and agricultural applications.

It began when a team of acoustic engineers was working on a studio renovation project. Their equipment had overheated due to a lack of ventilation, but existing fan products on the market were just too noisy for a studio environment.

With no other option, they took matters into their own hands. By studying the sounds and vibrations caused by air movement, and combining their expertise in mitigating the noise levels of recording studios, the team was able to come up with a fan system that was both silent and effective.

While they then carried on with the rest of their tasks at hand, they never forgot the thrill they experienced in creating that solution.

Two years later, they decided to go all-in, and founded AC Infinity as a way of selling that product- the AIRPLATE cabinet fan system. This was met with enormous success and, to this day, they continue to create and release innovative new products that provide practical solutions.


AC Infinity believe in value for money- products should act smarter and do more in order to be worth your time.

Since their inception, the design team has closely collaborated with leading figures in the tech world in order to produce better products. To ensure all-round innovation, AC Infinity engineers are drawn from a wide range of disciples: acoustics, electronics, structural, and fluid dynamics.

Working together, they construct prototype after prototype to settle on a final product that promotes the latest technologies, features a durable design, and assembled to last.


As consumers themselves, they always expect the highest quality from products they buy- and we believe our customers should do the same. From the way a product feels and functions, we can instinctively tell whether something was created with care and effort, or if it was merely thrown off the production line.

The AC Infinity Quality Assurance team is driven to follow that ideology, and ensure that all the products meet the highest possible standards. Everything they produce is subjected to rigorous ISO testing, so that they logo acts as the ultimate seal of quality for end consumers.

At AC Infinity, they believe that fantastic quality isn’t just something that can be struck upon by accident, but is achieved through sincere effort- and they put that effort in so that you can sincerely trust in our products.

At Rapallo we sell a range of leading AC Infinity products so our team are only too happy to help out with any questions you may have. Please contact us via +6492744515 or

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