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Deano Reviews the SVS Prime Wireless Powered Speakers

So how do they sound
In a word – incredible.

These speakers have an extremely smooth mid range coupled with an open air treble and amazing mid bass.

The sound leans towards the warmer side but doesn’t give up any of the high end tonal clarity, for a bookshelf speaker they are very airy and very smooth. The bass hits strong and deep for such a small box but for those looking for the ultimate in music reproduction we always suggest pairing speakers, especially bookshelves, with dedicated subwoofers SVS preferably, if you would wish too, however the bass was enough for me as is.

Compared to the original Prime Satellite (Non Powered) I find the Prime Wireless actually easier to listen too, The SVS Prime wireless bowls you over with the smallest details and superb imaging and attempts to extract every ounce of detail out of the recording, they have very spaciousness sound stage and excellent depth.

Rapallo | SVS Prime Wireless


Compared to the Prime Satellites

It does hit all the same qualities as the Prime Satellites although the Prime Wireless seem to be more forgiving with some lower resolution sources.

What it does very similar and absolutely brilliantly similar to it’s brother is the dynamics and stereo imaging. Thanks to SVS’s Polypropylene cone which has excellent stiffness/mass ratio and pistonic behavior enables the mid range to absolutely shine and is extremely fast.

For a powered bookshelf speaker the dynamics and imaging is simply unmatched. Once you hear this kind of music reproduction it’s hard to go back to any other powered speaker, if you are on the fence about whether these are capable of what you want and need, I can say wholeheartedly you will not regret purchasing these remarkable speakers.

I used Tidal streaming for most of the review. Starting with Manu Katche’s self titled album there’s a distinct airy drum hit near the beginning of track “running after years” at around 12 seconds into the track there a drum strike that’s a torture test for most speakers. A lot of speakers will make this note sound dull if the tweeter cannot handle the speed, the Prime Wireless tweeter however was spot on and kept up throughout the track effortlessly and all the drum strikes reverb was spot on.

The SVS Prime wireless managed to reproduce the album without any hint of distortion.


Connections galore

Rapallo | SVS Prime Wireless

The connections are really impressive. The Prime Wireless has 2 Analog inputs (RCA and 3.5mm jack), Optical digital input, Bluetooth, and the suite of DTS PlayFi streaming services (including Spotify, TIDAL, NAS, iHeart Radio, Internet Radio). You might be thinking what the ‘Network’ in and out connections are for. It is for daisy-chaining your internet connection to another device, such as a Smart TV or Apple TV. This is an excellent feature when you use these speakers as your TV audio using the optical input. And of course SVS wouldn’t forget including a Subwoofer output. Hooking these speakers with one of their subwoofers would be an excellent TV audio system (way better than a soundbar!).


Final thought

For $1999 these speakers shine and would be very hard to beat, you would have to spend a lot of money to better the sound, Bargain of the century! It would be a great little TV audio system for an apartment, or computer desktop system.

We have these in gloss white in the showroom. If you are in the Auckland area ask for a demo and see what you think.

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