Brateck TV Wall Bracket – Ultra Slim Low Profile 23~42inch

$39.95 inc GST

Mount your TV with this Ultra-Slim Fixed Mounting System for flat panel displays 23″ to 42″

Only 19mm (Less than 3/4 inch) between the back of the display and the wall when finished.


Ultra-Slim Fixed TV Wall Mount System for Flat Panel Displays.

  • Only 19mm (Less than 3/4 inch!) between the back of the display and the wall when installed.
  • Solid metal construction, made from steel.
  • Includes inbuilt bubble level for a perfect “level” installation every time.
  • Easy panel removal via two self locking hand pulls.
  • Max 75kgs – 23″ to 42″ – Black


Mounting your TV using a genuine Vesa TV wall bracket is not the hardest task for anyone that has done a little handy work around the house and knows how to work his way around a drill and some screws. Other than that, mounting a TV using a Ultra-Slim Low Profile TV Wall Mount only requires some measuring to determine the exact distance between the mounting holes. Another thing you need to do is browse through the instructions manual for your TV and find out exactly how much it weighs and also the exact dimensions of the product. With this information you can now be sure that the Ultra-Slim Low Profile TV Wall Mount for LCD/Plasmas is the correct mount to take the weight safely of your precious TV.

Apart from having to fit the size of your TV, TV wall mounting brackets also have to be able to sustain the weight of your TV. With the large number of manufacturers from all over the world making TV wall mounting brackets, you have to make sure to choose a product that will stand the test of time and will not fail and lead to a small catastrophe. Another useful advice is to stay away from universal or all-in-one products because they will most likely not fit your product perfectly and might need some adjustments that usually lead to spoiling the appearance of the Vesa bracket.


– Fixed wall brackets for 23″-42″ LED, LCD,PDP tvs
– Universal hole patterns: 415 x 410mm
– Vesa compliant:100×100,200×100,200×200,400×200,400×400
– Low profile of only 19mm
– Support flat panel tv up to 75kgs
* Supported display sizes is only a guideline. Some displays can and will have mounting patterns that exceed beyond the normal VESA range. Please make sure you televisions mounting hole patterns do not exceed the specifications listed above.

Additional information

Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 60 × 30 × 10 cm


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