Topping DX3Pro+ DAC Headphone Amplifier

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The Topping DX3Pro+ DAC Headphone Amplifier is a highly advanced desktop multitasker.

It is a USB DAC, Bluetooth receiver, headphone amplifier and preamplifier. All enclosed in a stylish anodized aluminum case fitted with USB, coaxial and optical inputs, and RCA and 3.5mm jack outputs.

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Great team

Great service! Bensan was awesome via email and phone. Super fast delivery. Fantastic amp/DAC, wonderful match with my headphones. If I ever need any more audio, Rapallo will be my first port of call.

Brett C.

Bang for your buck

The Topping Dx3Pro+ is a highly recommended buy. Topping have a reputation of making products that perform as good as those at twice the price. Nice neutral sounding DAC, great soundstage, great dynamics across the board right down to the micro level. Paired with Audioquest Cinnamon USB cable and Beyerdynamic DT 900 Pro X headphones, fantastic listening. Just added the Topping P50 linear power supply and has taken the listening experience to the next level. Recommended if on a budget or starting your audiophile journey.

Christopher M.

One of the best in class

Good product. Do wish you could turn off the display as brightness settings don't go very low.

Jared U.


Topping DX3Pro+ DAC Headphone Amplifier

Bluetooth 5.0 LDAC transmission
DX3Pro+ has certification for Hi-Res Audio Wireless and LDAC. It uses the newest QCC5125 chipset to support LDAC/AAC/SBC/APTXAPTX LLIAPTX HD protocol. To get even better sound quality from Bluetooth, they by-passed the built-in DAC of QCC5125 and connected its digital signal to ES9038Q2M to decode.

Plug and play, turn your PC into a HIFI source
The Topping DX3Pro+ uses 2nd generation 8 core XMOS XU208 USB supports up to PCM32bit768kHz and DSD512 native. The DX3Pro+ also has a wide range of compatibility: Windows 10, MAC, Linux, IOS, Android. Even in the face of higher-end ASIO applications, DX3Pro+ can do a great job: MAC drive-free, Win 10 with customized Thesycon ASIO driver, your PC becomes a professional HIFI source.

NFCA circuit
The new Topping DX3Pro+ has the NFCA circuit optimized, giving ultra low noise and distortion. It pairs with high sensitivity IEMs and power hungry high impedance headphones really well. (32ohm load: 1800mW X2 | 300ohm load: 250mW x2)

Lo & Hi Gain
The Topping DX3Pro+ provides two gain settings, which greatly expands the range of headphone adaptation.

  • +6dB – Lo Gain
  • +19dB – Hi Gain

High performance DAC Circuit
Not all ES9038Q2M DACs are created equal. With careful engineering and attention to details from out engineering team, we are able to achieve 0.00015% THD+N. This provides pristine sound quality.

PA3s is the best power amplifiers for DX3Pro+
PA3s has RCA+TRS balanced inputs. When used with Topping DX3Pro+, the TRS balanced input can be used to input other audio sources. The output power of 80W x 2@42, 10%THD+N, 65W x 2@412, 1%THD+N can be adapted to most situations where speakers are used.

Pre-amplifier function
Adapt to different usage scenarios, DX3Pro+ has 4 output modes: Headphone Amp, Headphone Amp+ Line out, DAC, and Pre-amplifier.

DAC+Headphone amp application
Connect the digital signal and also the headphone to DX3Pro+, it will serve as a DAC + Headphone amp, bringing you every detail of music.

Bluetooth headphone amp / Bluetooth DAC application
Connect the Bluetooth of the phone, tablet or notebook to DX3Pro+, and connect the power amplifier, active speakers or headphones to the DX3Prot’s output. The DX3Pro+ then becomes your Bluetooth Headphone amp / Bluetooth DAC. You can easily enjoy the high quality music and convenience brought by Bluetooth 5.0. If your device supports LDAC transmission, you will get even better experience.

High performance DAC for media player mobile phones and tablets
Whether it is Apple iOS device, Android device and media player, as long as it supports OTG external sound card, it can be connected to the USB input of DX3Pro+ to make DX3Pro+ be their external high performance DAC.

DAC+Pre-amplifier application
Topping DX3Pro+ has a simple Pre-amp function that you can use to adjust the volume. The digital volume adjustment will not has any imbalance between the left and right channels.

DAC application
When you only need a simple DAC, you can set DX3Pro+’s output mode to be DAC, then it could served as a simple DAC, screen will display current sampling rate and volume will keep outputting 2Vrms.



Rapallo | Topping DX3Pro+ DAC / Headphone Amplifier

Additional information

Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions 16.5 × 12 × 4 cm


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