Topping A30Pro Balanced Headphone Amplifier

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The Topping A30Pro Balanced Headphone Amplifier is a satisfactory mid-range headphone amplifier

It has a top specification, better sound, and a refined build.

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Topping A30Pro Balanced Headphone Amplifier


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  • Bypass output when power off
  • Hi-Res Audio
  • Balanced input
  • 4-Pin-XLR + 4.4mm + 6.35mm output
  • 3 step gain settings
  • NFCA Module
  • Machined aluminium shell

APX555B limited our measurement again
The THD+N of A30Pro is no higher than 0.00006%, which means the A30Pro accurately restores 99.99994% of the original sound, what you get is what you input. The noise from the A30Pro is low enough, so APX555B limits the noise measurement of it, resulting in the need to amplify the noise of A30Pro by 100 times for indirect measurement.

Pushing the envelope
A30Pro uses the new specifically redesigned NFCA based circuit is optimized for terrific single ended performance. Massive paralleled high performance audio opamp architecture along with UHGF (Ultra High Gain Feedback) technology provides excellent DC and AC performance. High output current drive capability allows the amp driving low impedance headphones with ease. Ultra-low noise of 0.3uV is miles ahead of the competition, giving an absurdly high dynamic range of 145dB and no audible noise and darkest background for the most sensitive IEMs.

Incredible output power
The new specifically redesigned NFCA based circuit is optimised for terrific single ended performance. Huge output power and margin bring excellent control ability, and there are no more headphones hard to drive.

4-PIN-XLR + 4.4mm + 6.35mm Output
Since then, buying headphones does not have to consider whether the plug matches the headphone amplifier, because the A30Pro already provides you all in a compact body, including 4-PIN-XLR, 4.4mm, 6.35mm.

Adapt to various sensitivities
A30Pro provides 3 step gain settings, which can easily adapt to the huge sensitivity span from IEMs to high impedance and full size over-ears. Just connect the earphones and leave the rest to the A30Pro.

SE + BAL input pass through
When shutting down, the input signal is directly output to RCA or TRS without amplification, which will be more suitable for active speakers/monitor speakers when the DAC has pre-amplifier functions. Even better is when used with D30Pro, the excellent noise performance of D30Pro is not wasted.

Say good bye to the ground loops noise
When multiple equipment are used, RCA connection may encounter ground loop noise. A30Pro introduces a GND/LIFT switch as the solution. When in normal use, set it to GND; when encountering ground loop noise, switch to LIFT to change the ground point of the A30Pro from the it’s chassis to other equipment which it is connected to. Ground loop noise will disappear.

Quiescent current
A30Pro is designed with ample quiescent current. It will fully work in Class A operation when the headphone impedance is greater than 250 Ohms.

D30Pro is the best DAC for A30Pro
4 x CS43198, sound of quad DAC. THD+N<0.00009%, extremely low jitter for all inputs.



Dimension 17.4cm x 13.8cm x 4.5cm
Weight 870g
Power 100-240VAC 50Hz/60Hz
Gain L/M/H
Amplifier inputs 1 x XLR (L+R)
1 x RCA (L+R)
Headphone Amplifier Outputs 1 x 6.35mm headphone output jack
1 x XLR headphone output jack
1 x 4.4mm headphone output jack
Pass through outputs 1 x 6.35mm TRS(L+R)
1 x RCA (L+R)
Power Consumption <9.0W
@ 1kHz A-wt
<0.00007% @Output=3.5W(32Ω) <0.00007% @Output=3.2W(32Ω)
<0.00006% @Output=90mW(300Ω) <0.00006% @Output=86mW(300Ω)
THD @20-20kHz 90 kBW <0.00008% @Output=760mW(32Ω) <0.00008% @Output=760mW(32Ω)
<0.00007% @Output=81mW(300Ω) <0.00007% @Output=81mW(300Ω)
SNR @MAX OUT 1kHz A-wt 145dB 140dB
SNR @50mV OUT 1kHz 104dB 104dB
Dynamic Range @1kHz A-wt 145dB 140dB
Frequency Response 20Hz-40kHz(±0.05dB) 20Hz-40kHz(±0.1dB)
Output Level 34Vpp @G=L 6.6Vpp @G=L
34Vpp @G=M 34Vpp @G=M
45Vpp @G=H 45Vpp @G=H
AP Measured Noise Level @A-wt <0.7uVrms @G=L <0.7uVrms @G=L
<0.7uVrms @G=M <0.7uVrms @G=M
<1.2uVrms @G=H <1.2uVrms @G=H
Actual Noise Level @A-wt <0.3uVrms @G=L <0.3uVrms @G=L
<0.3uVrms @G=M <0.3uVrms @G=M
<0.9uVrms @G=H <1.1uVrms @G=H
Channel Crosstalk @1kHz -106dB -101dB
IMD CCIF @(18kHz+19kHz) -116dB -116dB
IMD SMPTE @(60Hz+7kHz) -110dB@SMPTE4: 1 -110dB@SMPTE4: 1
-115dB@SMPTE1: 1 -116dB@SMPTE1: 1
Input Sensitivity 60Vrms @G=L 60Vrms @G=L
12.6Vrms @G=M 12.6Vrms @G=M
2.7Vrms @G=H 2.7Vrms @G=H
Gain -14dB @G=L -14dB @G=L
0dB @G=M 0dB @G=M
14dB @G=H 14dB @G=H
Output Impedance <0.1 Ω <0.1 Ω
Output Power 6000mW x 2 @16 Ω THD+N<0.1%
5500mW x 2 @32 Ω THD+N<0.1%
840mW x 2 @300 Ω THD+N<0.1%
Adapter Impedance >8 Ω

Additional information

Weight 0.87 kg
Dimensions 13.8 × 17.4 × 4.5 cm


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