Paradigm XR13 Subwoofer

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The Paradigm XR13 Subwoofer is a master class in design and engineering refinement that challenges what is possible from a compact, sealed subwoofer design.

Their goal was to push the boundaries of performance while never losing sight of aesthetics by wrapping everything up into a suitable size that won’t ever feel out of place.


Paradigm XR13 Subwoofer

When designing Paradigm XR13 Subwoofer, every part and sub-component was scrutinized and designed to be optimal for its specific purpose and for each piece to complement the others, resulting in a product that is truly greater than the sum of its parts.

Performance was paramount when developing XR. But at Paradigm, we truly believe in our mantra of “Art Embracing Science,” so XR’s luxurious cabinet is acoustically inert and visually stunning to look at.

These Made in Canada subwoofers truly redefine what you should expect from a subwoofer in this category: Brains, Beauty and Brawn.


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  • 13” (330 mm) Ultra-high Excursion Driver with Trilinear Suspension System and Active Ridge Technology (ART™)
  • Sealed enclosure with Cascade-FusionTM Bracing and ADVANCED Shock-Mount™
  • Built-in 2,200W RMS (4,400W Dynamic Peak) Class-D amplifier
  • App-controlled via smartphone
  • Anthem Room Correction (ARC®) Included


Purposefully Beautiful and Intentionally Functional

The faceted design of Paradigm XR13 Subwoofer’s cabinet is not only purposefully beautiful but intentionally functional. The geometric profile elegantly distributes the massive load of housing the powerful woofer inside, providing greater strength and rigidity than traditional rectangular designs. The custom 2″ thick MDF front baffle adds further rigidity to the cabinet and acts as the backbone necessary to withstand the brutal forces of the massive woofer and magnet within.

Cascade-Fusion Bracing

Cascade-Fusion bracing further increases cabinet rigidity for maximum acoustic precision while also breaking up standing waves internally, which provides more accuracy and greater bass clarity.  Did you know? During early development, the XR woofers were able to split the test cabinets at the seams from their brute force! Cascade-Fusion bracing was the logical solution, adding strength and beauty to this legendary bass recipe.

A Match Made in Heaven

XR’s cabinet embodies our “Art Embracing Science” philosophy. It’s the perfect complement to any system and blends perfectly with our award-winning Founder series of loudspeakers, even available in the same gorgeous Walnut, Black Walnut, Piano Black, and exclusive MidnightCherry finishes.

Best-in-Class Premium-Grade Finishes

XR cabinets are offered in a variety of beautiful premium-grade finishes: Walnut and Black Walnut have a smooth satin finish with distinctive wood grain. Our exclusive Midnight Cherry and Piano Black feature a luxurious hand-rubbed, high-gloss finish.

XR Design Philosophy

XR is not only about maximizing output but minimizing distortion too. This one-two-punch design philosophy is bolstered by the inclusion of exclusive Paradigm technologies not found elsewhere. The Paradigm XR13 Subwoofer turns up the bass by turning down the noise!

Advanced Shock-Mount Technology

Paradigm’s exclusive Advanced Shock-Mount enabled outriggers are designed with multi-layered durometer rubber-metal matrices to provide industry-leading isolation whose benefits can be measured and heard in the real world.

It doesn’t get much better than this

To put it simply, XR woofers are the most powerful speaker drivers that Paradigm has ever created. With output capability so high that some of our test cabinets were literally busted open from the massive forces generated inside. While incredibly powerful and capable of extreme output, power without control is meaningless. To that end, the XR’s woofer is also a super low distortion design, significantly outclassing its intended competitors in not only distortion but maximum output, especially for a subwoofer this compact and beautiful.



DESIGN 13” (330 mm) Ultra-high Excursion Driver with Trilinear Suspension System and Active Ridge Technology (ART™), sealed enclosure with Cascade-Fusion™ Bracing and ADVANCED Shock-Mount™, built-in 2,200W RMS (4,400W Dynamic Peak) Class-D amplifier, App-controlled via smartphone and Anthem Room Correction (ARC®) Included
AMPLIFIER FEATURES Auto-On / Off, Trigger On / Off
FREQUENCY RESPONSE ON-AXIS ±3dB from 17 Hz to 140 Hz
ROOM CORRECTION ARC Genesis (microphone included)
LOW FREQUENCY DRIVER 13” (330 mm) Ultra-High-Excursion CARBON-X Unibody Bass Driver, with Trilinear Suspension System and Active Ridge Technology (ART™), 2” high-temperature voice coil
EFFECTIVE PISTON AREA (SD) 93.7 sq in / 0.06 sq m
AMPLIFIER POWER 2,200W RMS (4,400W Dynamic Peak) Class-D amplifier, App-controlled via smartphone and Anthem Room Correction (ARC®) Included
UNBALANCED INPUTS Stereo or Mono (dual RCA jacks)/LFE RCA jack
SPEAKER/HIGH-LEVEL INPUTS Left and right speaker level inputs
POLARITY 0 or 180 degrees
PHASE Variable 0°-180°
DIMENSIONS HXWXD 18.8” x 17.3 ” x 19.4” (47.8cm x 43.8cm x 49.3cm)
WEIGHT 103.8 lb / 47.1 kg
FINISHES Gloss: Piano Black & Midnight Cherry Satin: Walnut & Black Walnut

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Additional information

Weight 47.1 kg
Dimensions 49.3 × 47.8 × 43.8 cm


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