Marantz MM7025 2 Channel AV Power-Amplifier

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The MM7025 is a two-channel power amplifier with a whopping 140W RMS into 8 ohms per channel.

Use it in an AV setup to give your front channels an earth-moving boost or simply to make a sensational upgrade to an existing stereo system. And, because the technology is the same as that in the MM7055 and MM8003, using them in combination is fast, efficient and friendly. It’s a great flexible customisation enabler. And, as with the big brother MM7055, it also includes a new stylish display, XLR inputs, DC triggers and Marantz power bus.

2 x 140W output RMS / 8 ohms, Current Feedback circuitry, Linear drive power supply, High performance power supply, XLR & RCA inputs, Gold plated speaker terminals, Flasher input, DC trigger (in/out), Remote power trigger (in/out)

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Connect this 2 x 140-watt beast to the preamp outputs of a receiver or a wireless music player such as the the Sonos ZP90. Add a pair of speakers that can handle the high power, and get ready for a breathtaking sonic thrill ride.

Use the MM7025 in your main listening room to drive your primary speakers. Expect to hear tighter, weightier bass, and wider dynamic swings that bring you closer to the sound of live music. (If your speakers can be biamped, this Marantz makes a superb choice for driving the low-frequency half of your system.)

Audiophiles using a preamp or A/V processor with XLR outputs can connect to this amp’s XLR inputs and take advantage of the superior sound quality they provide. You could also use this amp to power a second zone. If you’re using a speaker selector to divide the second-zone power among multiple rooms, don’t worry. There’s plenty of juice here to go around.

The MM7025’s current-feedback amplifier design provides for nuanced reproduction of fine musical detail and plenty of sonic muscle to support chest-thumping transient peaks. HDAM-SA3 circuits provide high-speed signal response for precise sound.



  • Power Consumption in W 220
  • Standby Consumption in W 0.4
  • Maximum Dimensions (W x D x H) in mm 440x350x126
  • Weight in kg 10.5

Additional information

Weight 10.5 kg
Dimensions 44 × 35 × 12.6 cm