Lotoo PAW Pico Digital Audio Player

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The first Hi-Fi music player with built-in GPS and sport chips.

There is a very good reason why Lotoo mentioned “ultra light weight” and “ultra small size” in the list of their features.  This is not a marketing hype or exaggeration – you are dealing with a tiny matchbox size screen-less audio player with dedicated playback controls and analog volume pot.  When you pick it up from the box and place it in the palm of your hand – it almost looks like a little toy.  But don’t be fooled by its size.

The list of the Features on the front and General and Audio spec on the back looked very impressive, especially mentioning of built in GPS, Motion sensor, and Bluetooth low energy (BLE) support.  Plus, you get a deceiving drawing of Pico itself which didn’t look that small.  You can easily get fooled by thinking this is going to be another compact audio player… until you lift the box cover.

After lifting the Pico from a secure form fitted top paper tray, underneath you will find a manual and the rest of the included accessories.

Once you start playing the music, you quickly realize that Pico has the same PAW blood running through its veins. While LPG and P5k share the same DSP processor (Blackfin 514 model), for Pico they switched to another lighter DSP from the same family, Blackfin 706.

Obviously, there is not much room for an audio interface with a discrete DAC and OpAmps. Instead, Lotoo used Ti3105 chip (low-power CODEC with integrated DAC and HP Amp), the same as in P5k design. But unlike P5k, to preserve the battery life Pico has a lower voltage output, though it was still sufficient to drive many different IEMs and even full size headphones.


Rapallo | Lotoo PAW PICO Digital Audio Player


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I originally wanted to write a short mini-review covering my first impression of Pico.  After all, the fw is still work in progress and app hasn’t been released yet.  But once I started to plan my write up, I realized that in terms of audio performance and playback functionality there shouldn’t be any drastic changes in the future.  Thus, I ended up writing a full review of Pico.  Overall, I found it to have a dual personality with individual attitudes.  The tiny size, the minimalistic design, the limited controls, and the clip attachment all scream loud and clear – I got a sport attitude!  But once you start listening to this Pico-size audio player, your ears tell you that Pico inherited audiophile attitude from its bloodline of PAW DAPs.  If you are in the market to buy your first audio player, I wouldn’t necessary say this is a must have purchase.  Pico is intended for audiophiles and audio enthusiast who want to take their music on the go with a basic playback functionality and without sound quality compromises.  And when I say “on the go”, it doesn’t have to be just while working out, running, biking, hiking, etc.  So many times I hear people saying they feel uncomfortable bringing PAW Gold or other pricey DAPs with them on a bus or a subway while commuting to work.  With Pico this shouldn’t be a problem.  Or if you are just a fan of cool little audio and electronic gadgets, this could make one heck of a conversation piece.
But Pico doesn’t just look “cute”, it has a mature reference sound quality and pairs up nicely with neutral and warmish IEMs, while also giving more revealing details to your analytical IEMs.  You can even use it to drive a number of full size headphones where I had no issues driving some planar magnetic and even 470 ohm cans.  You get up to 10hrs of playback time with random or sequential playback.  Despite the lack of screen, it’s rather easy to navigate and to control the playback, and it’s firmware upgradeable where Lotoo already released an update which was easy to install.  It supports majority of high res formats, though limited 32GB internal storage makes it only practical for high bit rate mp3s and FLAC files.  And as a bonus, you can play around with Sport Mode when Lotoo updates bi-lingual support and releases its tracking app.


Rapallo | Lotoo PAW PICO Digital Audio Player



  • HiFi plus Intelligence – Built-in GPS and motion sensor to monitor your activities with time, length, steps, speed.
  • The first Hi-Fi music player with built-in GPS and sport chips.
  • Its professional build quality gives you stable quality ADI Blackfin DSP as core deal with various professional
    digital audio algorithms.
  • Born to sport, music beats follow your steps. In sport mode, TFF music frequency conversion function make every beat following your steps.
  • Sport mode – All data of built-in GPS, Motion sensor,Intelligent voice notice steps, time, miles and speed, monitoring your sport tracks in real time. Built-in motion sensor, count your every heartbeat and music that lets you love sport (miles / time / steps / speed).
  • Up to continuous 10 hours lossless music playback.
  • 26g weight – as heavy as an AA-size battery.
  • Compact size of 46mm length, the first choice of audiophile who loves sport.
  • 10 Million times – Japanese ALPS volume wheel for easier volume adjustment
  • 2000 lossless songs – 32GB MLC built-in flash memory.
  • Sawtooth bite type back clip design and sporting arm belt


Rapallo | Lotoo PAW PICO Digital Audio Player



  • DSD formatDSD 64, DSD128, DFF / DSF / ISO /FLAC / APE / WAV / MP3 / WMA / OGG / M4A / AAC / WAVPACK / AIF / ALAC / CUE
  • Core processor2ADI Blackfin 706 DSP
  • Storage – 32GB MLC built-in flash memory
  • Wireless – BLE
  • THD+N <0.003% (A-weighting, 500mV
  • Sample rate – DSD 2.8MHz, DSD 5.6MHz / PCM 32kHz-192kHz
  • Communication – USB 2.0
  • Battery: 300mA hLi-Polymer Battery
  • GPS module – Built-in
  • Size – 40.8 X 46 X 12.6 mm (W x H x D) – Bulge parts not included
  • Weight – 26g (back clip not included)
  • Freq response range ±0.5dB (20~20kHz)
  • Dynamic Range >101dB
  • Output Level -3.5dBu@16ohm
  • Motion sensor – Built-in

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