Grandview 16:9 Fixed Frame Screen

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The Grandview 16:9 Fixed Frame Screen offers easy installation with the unique top and bottom locking bars ensuring straight assembly every time.

With an 80mm bevelled frame for extra strength and featuring a deluxe black velvet frame finish designed to absorb any stray image keeping the borders crisp and sharp. The GV Flocked Frame Screen is supplied flat packed for easy transportation and delivery.

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Grandview 16:9 Fixed Frame Screen

The Grandview 16:9 Fixed Frame Screen is the perfect choice for your home theatre room.



  • 80mm bevelled frame with detailing for strength
  • Screen is supplied flat packed
  • Simple assembly – screen material is attached with a loop & hook system
  • Unique top & bottom locking bars ensure a straight installation every time
  • Frame is finished in black velvet to provide an absorbent contrast border for the image
  • 4K & 8K ready


Size options

GV-GRFF095H Grandview Flocked Frame Screen – 95″ (16:9) Image size 2103 x 1182mm, Frame size 2263 x 1342mm
GV-GRFF100H Grandview Flocked Frame Screen – 100″ (16:9) Image size 2214 x 1245mm, Frame size 2374 x 1405mm
GV-GRFF105H Grandview Flocked Frame Screen – 105″ (16:9) Image size 2324x 1307mm, Frame size 2484 x 1467mm, 9.0kg
GV-GRFF110H Grandview Flocked Frame Screen – 110″ (16:9) Image size 2435 x 1370mm, Frame size 2595 x 1530mm, 9.0kg
GV-GRFF115H Grandview Flocked Frame Screen – 115″ (16:9) Image size 2546 x 1431mm, Frame size 2706 x 1591mm, 10.0kg
GV-GRFF120H Grandview Flocked Frame Screen – 120″ (16:9) Image size 2656 x 1494mm, Frame size 2816x1654mm, 14.2kg
GV-GRFF130H Grandview Flocked Frame Screen – 130″ (16:9) Image size 2877 x 1618mm, Frame size 3037 x 1778mm, 14.9kg
GV-GRFF140H Grandview Flocked Frame Screen – 140 (16:9) Image size 3099 x 1742mm, Frame size 3259 x 1902mm, 15.3kg
GV-GRFF150H Grandview Flocked Frame Screen – 150″ (16:9) Image size 3320x1868mm, Frame size 3480x2028mm, 15.5kg

Additional information

Weight 15.3 kg
Dimensions 240 × 135 × 30 cm


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