FYNE FA301iC 6″ Coaxial Ceiling Speaker

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Looking for a discreet multi-room or multi-channel audio system?

Compact and powerful, Fyne Audio’s FA301iC is an affordable full range audiophile loudspeaker designed for easy installation in the home. Based on Fyne’s award winning F300 Series loudspeakers, this in-wall / in-ceiling model uses the same 150mm (6”) multi-fibre bass / midrange cone and 25mm polyester dome tweeter.

The tweeter is mounted coaxially to the mid / bass driver and features an adjustable pod allowing you to direct the sound towards the listening position. With an install tuned crossover, easy-fit clamps, shallow 92mm depth and round low profile grilles (square grilles available as an optional extra), the FA301iC allows you to discreetly bring great sound to any room.


At the heart of the 3 strong premium FA501iC, FA502iC and FA502iC LCR models is Fyne’s point source IsoFlare driverTM. Benefiting from Fyne Audio’s high-end R&D, the IsoFlare units feature a rigid multi-fibre cone and FyneFlute roll surround. The high powered compression HF drivers give true point source isotropic radiation for unsurpassed imaging and even frequency response. The FA501iC and FA502iC features 6” and 8” versions respectively, while the FA502iC LCR enhances the IsoFlare with its full range fixed angle to steer the sound toward your optimum listening position.

Installation couldn’t be easier with the self aligning clamps and thanks to its unobtrusive magnetic grilles, available in a circular or square design* , access for fine tuning is hassle free.

Fyne Audio’s FA300iC and FA500iC Series delivers class-leading hi fi performance and versatility for all.

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