Focal Sub Air Subwoofer

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The intense and deep sound of the Focal Sub Air Subwoofer complements all 5.1 systems.

The wireless technology makes integration into interiors easy, removing all constraints due to cable length. The flat and compact design allows you to fit it into all kinds of spaces.

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Focal Sub Air Subwoofer

Focal Sub Air Subwoofer | Rapallo


The Focal Sub Air Subwoofer is easy to use and install. It turns on at your command and turns itself off when no more sound is being produced.

Its Wi-Fi radio connectivity puts a permanent end to the eternal question of where to put the cables. A discreet emitter is connected to the rear of the amplifier and makes cabling entirely unnecessary.



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  • Design and sound by Focal
  • Ideal for Home Cinema systems
  • Flexibility of installation / wireless connection
  • Black High Gloss and White High Gloss finishes
  • Can be wall-mounted, takes up little floor space
  • Focal’s flattest subwoofer
  • Easy and quick to install: synchronization button, phase and volume adjustment
  • Wireless Transmitter included: LFE and Left/Right Input

All their products are the result of innovations and technologies exclusive to Focal all developed by our engineers in France.

To stay faithful to their tradition of high-performance, a 100% Focal design is paramount. They believe this is the best way to have complete control over the design and quality control processes in order to guarantee high-quality products.


Focal Ébénisterie Bourgogne, our dedicated cabinet-making workshop, is an asset to the prestige of Focal and its products. Based in Bourbon-Lancy in Bourgogne, it brings together a team of cabinet makers and manufactures the enclosures for our Hi-Fi and high-end professional loudspeakers: Sopra, Utopia. The sound performance of our products is influenced by the quality of our materials and finishes, as well as the unique French expertise of our teams.


The quality of the Focal products is essential, and excellence is a constant concern. This is why they choose all their French and foreign partners with great care, to ensure that the level of quality meets their select criteria, whether they’re suppliers of components or finished products.

Certain manufacturing processes are outsourced to the partners who have been carefully selected according to strict criteria.

Focal apply strict quality control standards as a guarantee that the manufacturing process adheres to their values in terms of excellence.



  • Type Flat bass-reflex subwoofer, integrated 150W BASH® amp
  • Speaker driver (diameter)  8″ (21cm)
  • Bass cutoff frequency (-6dB)  35Hz
  • Frequency response (+/- 3dB) 40Hz – 200Hz
  • Crossover cutoff frequency Variable 50Hz – 200Hz
  • Input panel Left Right / LFE
  • Continuous power output 110W
  • Peak power 150 W
  • Phase adjustment 0 – 180° switch
  • Power functions ON Auto (1W) OFF (0,5W)
  • Dimensions (HxWxD) 410mm x 360mm x 160mm
  • Weight 7.65kg


  • Type Wireless connection
  • Range in Meter 15m (in a room)
  • Sound Sampling 16 bits
  • Sampling Frequency 44.1kHz
  • Coding delay (latency) 13ms
  • Radio transmission powers or sensitivity 0dBm
  • Radio transmission frequency band 2.4Ghz ISM band

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 16 × 36 × 20 cm


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