FiiO Q3 MQA DAC & Headphone Amplifier

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The FiiO Q3 MQA DAC & Headphone Amplifier is equipped with the next-generation XMOS XU316 controller chip, among the latest for use in USB DACs.

The XU316 features 16 cores made in an advanced manufacturing process, bringing high-performance processing and allowing support up to PCM 384kHz/32 bit and DSD256 high-resolution audio formats

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FiiO Q3 MQA DAC & Headphone Amplifier

The FiiO Q3 MQA DAC & Headphone Amplifier has a meticulously tuned, classic relaxed sound.

Due to the disrupted supply of AKM DAC chips, the Q3 MQA employs the AKM AK4452. Through numerous adjustments, this chip was tuned so that its performance is similar to that of the DAC in the original Q3 and with even slightly improved power output.

The Q3 MQA still features the same charming sound that made the original Q3 so beloved.


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  • XMOS XU316 chip
  • Efficient AK4452 DAC
  • THX AAA-28×2 amps
  • Fully supports MQA decoding
  • Dual power supply design
  • ADC volume adjustment
  • All-new strapping kit
  • RGB indicator
  • Two gain levels
Extraordinary sound, THX AAA-28×2 amplifiers

Featured in the Q3 MQA Edition are two THX AAA-28 amplifiers, allowing for a max power output of 330mW (370mW when using Line in mode). Experience hugely powerful, extraordinary sound.

At the audio forefront, Fully supports MQA decoding

Thanks to the powerful XMOS XU316, the Q3 now fully supports decoding the MQA format, allowing you to unfold and render any MQA folder when using a player that supports MQA.

Vivid life, Dual power supply design

Comfortably use the Q3 MQA Edition in any scenario, whether as a portable device or a static device on your desk. Quickly switch between how the Q3 MQA Edition is being supplied power using the Charge switch on the bottom. Using AUX in the battery life is up to 23+ hours, and when using USB in the battery life is up to 12+ hours.

Experience upgraded, All-new strapping kit

The all-new strapping kit designed to bundle together the Q3 MQA Edition to your phone greatly improves upon the experience from before. The innovative X-shaped straps no longer block the display of your phone, and the intermediate films protect your device and prevent the Q3 MQA Edition and your phone from being misaligned when strapped together.

Colorfully cool RGB indicator light

The RGB indicator light is not only striking, but also instantly lets you know the current audio track’s specs and sampling rate.

Smooth experience thanks to ADC volume adjustments

The ADC curve reconstruction method for adjusting volume not only effectively solves the problems of channel imbalance and noise, it also greatly improves the accuracy when adjusting the volume. Relish in making the volume just right for you.

Feel richness of music, Two gain levels & BASS boost

The gain and BASS boost buttons allow you to tailor the sound to different styles and to your liking, letting you better appreciate the richness of music. The BASS boost is achieved in hardware, allowing a bass boost up to 6dB without affecting the higher frequencies.

Listen the way you want, numerous audio outputs

Listen to your music the way you want through either the 3.5mm single-ended output or through the 2.5/4.4mm balanced outputs.


In The Box

  • FiiO M11 Plus ESS Hi-Resolution Audio Player
  • Tempered glass screen protector with oleophobic layer
  • Exquisite custom leather case
  • USB 3.0 data/charging cable



Name/Model Q3
Color Black
Weight ≈110g
Dimensions 105mmx59mmx12.5mm
MQA full decoder 8x
Maximum supported sampling rate/DSD PCM384kHz-32bit/DSD256
Hardware scheme DAC: AK4452,USB: XMOS XU316,AMP:THX_AAA_28*2
Volume Scroll Potentiometer+ADC Sampling
Sampling rate indication Blue = PCM
Green =DSD
Recommended headphone impedance PO:16~100Ω
Firmware upgrade System firmware and XMOS can be upgraded via USB
Button One button for Gain, Reset and UAC1.0
Switches Charge switch, bass switch
Headphones ports 3.5mm(phone out/line in), 4.4mm, 2.5mm (Bal to unbal adapters are prohibited)
Power Supply 5V 2A
Charging time <2h
Battery Capacity 1800mAh
Battery life and test conditions
3.5mm output:≥13h | 2.5mm/4.4mm output:≥12h
Audio in USB IN
Charge Off
Gain Low
Tracks MP3 44.1KHz/16bit
Load 32Ω
2.5mm/4.4mm output:≥23h
Audio in USB IN
Charge Off
Gain Low
Tracks MP3 44.1KHz/16bit
Load 32Ω
Headphone output performance parameters(3.5mm output) .
Output Power 175mW(16Ω,THD+N<1%)
THD+N <0.0012%(1kHz/-6dB@32Ω)
Frequency response 20Hz~50kHz: (±:1.5dB)
Output impedance ≤ 1 Ω
Crosstalk ≥ 76dB
Output level 2.3Vrms
SNR ≥ 115dB (dbA)
Noise floor Gain = H,≤ 5uV(dbA)
Gain = L,≤ 5uV(dbA)
Balanced output performance parameters(4.4mm/2.5mm,UAC IN) .
Output Power 280mW(16Ω,THD+N<1%)
THD+N ≤ 0.001%(1kHz/-4dB@32 Ω)
Frequency response 20 Hz-50KHz: (±:1.8dB)
20 Hz-20KHz: (±:0.3dB)
Output impedance ≤ 2.6 Ω
Crosstalk ≥ 99dB
Output level 3.3Vrms
SNR ≥ 118dB (dbA)
Noise floor Gain = H,≤ 7.5uV(dbA)
Gain = L,≤ 7.5uV(dbA)
Balanced output performance parameters(4.4mm/2.5mm,Line IN) .
Output Power 265mW(16Ω,THD+N<1%)
THD+N <0.0007%(1kHz/1.15V@32Ω)
Frequency response 20Hz-20KHz:(±:0.2dB)
Output impedance ≤ 2.6 Ω
Crosstalk ≥ 100dB
Output level 3.3Vrms
SNR ≥ 120dB (dbA)
Noise floor ≤ 3.5uV(dbA)


Additional information

Weight 0.11 kg
Dimensions 1.25 × 5.9 × 10.5 cm


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