ELAC IS-AMP8100 4 Zone Rack Mount Amplifier

$3,999.00 inc GST

The ELAC IS-AMP8100 4 Zone Rack Mount Amplifier is an 8-channel DSP matrix amplifier.

The amplifier features speaker presets for ELAC plus the ability to modify the full parametric EQ per zone. Eight assignable analog outputs are included allowing a combination of LFE or Stereo outs to a secondary amplifier locked to each zone.


ELAC IS-AMP8100 4 Zone Rack Mount Amplifier

The ELAC IS-AMP8100 4 Zone Rack Mount Amplifier features assignable outputs (8-Channel 4 Outs), allowing for extremely flexible projects. Power a room off of in-ceiling speakers with the built-in amplifiers and assign one of the outputs to a powered subwoofer in the same room. You can even apply high-pass filters to the in-ceiling/in-wall speakers.


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8 Channels of Premium Power
Each ELAC Multi-channel amplifier uses a modular design and efficient Class D amplifiers. The IS-AMP8100 delivers up to 100 watts per channel.

Advanced DSP
The advanced DSP allows for great flexibility when setting up each zone. A full Parametric Equalizer can be used for each output or simply use one of the presets for ELAC speakers to simplify the setup.

The WEB GUI on the ELAC IS-AMP8100 4 Zone Rack Mount Amplifier allows for easy setup and tuning of the amplifier. A status screen shows the current state of each channel along with both input and output levels for each channel. Settings can be saved for easy replication of projects.



Input Channels: 8
Output Channels: 8
Assignable outputs: 4
Power output per channel @ 4W:   100W
Power output per channel @ 8W:   100W
Topology: Discrete Class D
Frequency response: 20 Hz – 20 KHz
Optical Input: No
Dimensions Width x Length: 425.45 mm x 346.08 mm
Rack Spacing: 2 RU
Remote learning: No
IP commands available (third party control): YES
Wireless subwoofer transmitter: No
BLE connectivity: No
App control: No
Ethernet connection:   YES

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 34.6 × 42.5 × 8.9 cm


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