Comtevision MCE 16:9 Motorised Screen

$979.00 inc GST

Big movies on a fabulous motorised screen.

The MCE 16:9 Motorised Screen from ComteVision is about control. All screens in this range are motorised and can be controlled via a wall remote, RF remote or a 12v trigger. TheMCE 16:9 Motorised Screens use 4-layer fiberglass enforced material to ensure strength and durability.


FEATURES – MCE 16:9 Motorised Screen

  • The MCE 16:9 Motorised Screen is a professional all aluminum housing which is both durable and attractive.
  • Use four-layered fiberglass enforce screen material which is extremely strong and resilient.
  • Thicker tube to give stronger support to avoid V shape and eliminate noise effectively. It ensures a perfectly flat and wrinkle free surface.
  • Low noise and high performance tubular motor.
  • Unique sliding “L” brackets to provide super easy installation on a wall or ceiling for maximum installation versatility.
  • Professional packing solution to reduce risk of transportation damage
  • Solid White HD 1.0 fabric – other fabric available on request ; Solid Grey HD 0.8 ; Pearl Solid HD 1.1



Model Screen Size Viewing Size
MCE9092 92″ 2032 x 1143
MCE9100 100″ 2214 x 1245
MCE9106 106″ 2347 x 1320
MCE9120 120″ 2657 x 1494
MCE9128 128″ 2834 x 1594

Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 15 × 265.7 × 149.4 cm


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