Black Rhodium Foxtrot S Speaker Cable

$695.00 inc GST

The Black Rhodium Foxtrot S Speaker Cable is an excellent loudspeaker cable for your first music system.

It is a cost-effective upgrade of lower priced cables. The Foxtrot S Speaker Cable connects between the output terminals of a stereo audio amplifier and the input terminals of a loudspeaker to play music through your loudspeaker.


Black Rhodium Foxtrot S Speaker Cable

The Black Rhodium Foxtrot S Speaker Cable is hand assembled at the Black Rhodium factory in Derby, based around a Black Rhodium ‘Cable of the Year’ award winner, and further enhanced by use of an attractive black braid that damps vibration in the cable plus a large ferrite core attached near the loudspeaker end.

The benefit of including the ferrite is that radio frequency interference picked up by the cable is highly attenuated in a way that you can enjoy a much cleaner and clearer quality of sound.


How Foxtrot S Sounds

“...superb level of clarity that’s brought to the recording, coupled an excellent tonal balance.” – – Hi-Fi Choice issue 476

“I have been delighted with the Black Rhodium Foxtrot S speaker cables. The cables arrived in a functional and recyclable box and packaging – very important these days. The cables looked great, the black outer sheath is very attractive, and it was apparent that considerable care and attention had gone in to making cables, even the heat-shrink sheaths that cover the gold 4mm speaker plugs had been cut squarely. The cables come fitted with a ferrite filter fitted at the loudspeaker end of the cables, Black Rhodium say that they help to reduce interference from other devices such as Wi-Fi routers etc, as my house is filled with Wi-Fi devices I considered that it made sense. I had been using decent speaker cable, but was a little fed up with the sound of my Naim / Tannoy system, it sounded very one dimensional and I thought that some really good cable was worth trying as it would work out considerably more economical that changing other components. The cables sounded really good when I first plugged them in around a month ago. Although I am a bit of a sceptic when it comes to ‘burning-in / running-in’ bits of hi-fi, I have noticed that the sound has got even better. Listening to Spotify of Apple Music used to get very fatiguing, this is a problem that seems to have gone away since using my new Black Rhodium cables. I have also noticed a lovely ‘airiness’ around the upper-midrange and treble, that has never been there before. The bass has improved too. Overall, I am very impressed, the Black Rhodium Foxtrot S cables have brought improvements far beyond what I expected for the price and I can thoroughly recommend them.‘ – J DS, customer 

Great company, absolutely love my new Foxtrot S speaker cables (I’m saving up for the matching interconnects as well!)‘ – M. Harmsworth via our Google Review system


What lengths do you supply?

The Black Rhodium Foxtrot S Speaker Cable comes in standard 3M and 5M lengths.


How do I connect to loudspeakers with 4 terminals?

We recommend using Foxtrot jumper links to connect to the second set of terminals in your speaker for best value

Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 15 cm

Black Rhodium

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