Atoll Electronique PH100 Phono Stage

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The Atoll Electronique PH100 Phono Stage is an external module which has a specific power supply made up of 2 high-end transformers (one per channel) with very low noise as well as 4 voltage regulators.

The whole thing is shielded by a metal box to protect against any interference on the audio stages. Entirely made of discrete components, it does not integrate any link capacitors. The configurations (MM/MC, input impedance) are directly accessible from the rear of the chassis.


Atoll Electronique PH100 Phono Stage

The Atoll Electronique PH100 Phono Stage benefits from French development and manufacture. Thanks to its bulky format, this preamp is equipped with two transformers for dual mono power supply, guaranteeing better channel separation. The PCB (printed circuit) incorporates discrete components and no link capacitors to maintain optimal performance. The steel frame is of Breton design and the front is machined in Lorraine from 4 millimeter thick aluminium. These two elements make it possible to preserve the circuits from all external interference.

Compatible with MM cartridges and MC cartridges, the RIAA Atoll PH100 ​​phono pre-amp incorporates two DIP switches (selectors) on its rear panel to adapt the preamplification to the technical characteristics of the phono cartridge used by the user. Each DIP switch is dedicated to an audio channel (left or right), so there is a 47 kOhms and 100 pF position for the MM cells, a 100 kOhms position and an adjustable gain for the high level cells and the low MC cells. level.

Musical, well designed the RIAA Atoll PH100 ​​phono preamp is an affordable and high quality model.


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Technical Specifications

Steel chassis, aluminum faceplate
Two power supply transformers
Four voltage regulators
Discrete components
DIP switch on the back
Input impedance 47k or 100k
Input capacitance: 100 pF or nothing

MM gain: 40 dB
High level MC gain: 46 dB
Low level MC gain: 52 dB
Total harmonic distortion: 0.05%

Power Supply
Voltage: 7.2V

Supplied accessories
Mains power
cable RCA cable

Dimensions (W x H x D): 320 x 65 x 220 mm
Weight: 2.5 kg

Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 22 × 32 × 6.5 cm

Atoll Electronique

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