140″ Indigo 2.35:1 Curved Cinemascope Fixed Frame Acoustic Screen

$3,299.00 inc GST

The curved screen design of the 140″ Indigo 2.35:1 Curved Cinemascope Fixed Frame Acoustic Screen improves image depth and perception while increasing brightness uniformity, the way the roadshow cinemas do it.

Only a fixed frame offers that perfectly flat viewing experience as in commercial cinemas. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to projector screens. This is a custom item for your specific needs. Do call us if you can’t find the size, fabric, finish or ratio you are looking for.


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140″ Indigo 2.35:1 Curved Cinemascope Fixed Frame Acoustic Screen

A curved screen design that the 140″ Indigo 2.35:1 Curved Cinemascope Fixed Frame Acoustic Screen has improves image depth and perception while increasing brightness uniformity, the way the roadshow cinemas do it.

Why might a curved projection screen better than a flat one? Despite its good looks, a curved projection screen plays a valuable role in today’s home theatres.

Residential cinemas are more commonly featuring the same wide “Cinemascope” screen format as one would watch when actually at a top movie theatre. This wider format looks great but also creates problems that a curve screen design eliminates. The curve serves two purposes. First, it has an aesthetic appeal that draws in the viewer by enhancing a sense of immersion and depth while enhancing resolution and brightness.

The curved screen, together with the anamorphic process will increase brightness and enhance resolution by up to 30%. It does this by eliminating the black margins that can appear on the projection surface of flat cinemascope screens. Second, it eliminates a visual artifact known as “pincushion effect” which is encountered when scalers and anamorphic lenses are used to create a 2.35:1 (Cinemascope) format.

Pincushion effect is when the top and bottom centre of a projected image appear to droop inward creating an hourglass-shaped picture. This happens because the light travels noticeably further to the edges of the screen than it does to the centre (The further the throw distance, the larger the image), creating unsightly black margins on the screen itself.

The curve design ensures that light travels the same distance to reach any point of the screen thus creating a properly proportioned image. Because of the curvature of the screen, the light is now reflected back into the seating locations (not on to the walls) which increases foot lamberts to the seating locations and improves picture uniformity!

Indigo Moiré free acoustic transparent fabric, avoids the moiré problem completely by rotating the screen material so the perforated grid does not interfere with the projector pixel grid.


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Curved screen advantages:

  • No “pincushion” distortion
  • A captivating cinema-like viewing experience as the display is “surrounding” the viewer
  • Improved brightness uniformity for the viewer
  • Wider viewing angles as the viewing angle of the opposite side of the screen is less steep
  • Curved Frame Home Theatre screen
  • Curvature enhances contrast levels with decreased incident light while creating a heightened sense of immersion
  • Velvet covered 80mm width aluminium frame border with black velvet
  • Sliding wall mounts provide adjustable horizontal centring
  • 160° Viewing Angle for wide diffusion uniformity
  • High quality spring fixings offer superior tension over the entire projection surface
  • Available in diagonal sizes 133”, 140”, 150”, 160” or any custom size in between
  • 1.1 gain  (matte white)
  • 10 year manufacturer warranty
  • Active 3D, 8K, 4K, 4K Ultra HD, and HDR Ready


Screen Fabric

A glass fibre matte white surface with four layer structure ensures the best possible flat surface on the screen. With an advanced optical coating technology, the fabric improves its brightness and uniformity, therefore it works perfectly with all projector types.

  • Perfect bright image
  • No hot spots
  • Excellent uniformity and colour temperature
  • Mildew resistant, flame retardant


Quality and Reliability

  • 10-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty by Indigo Screens, an  ISO9001 manufacturer since 2004
  • Lifetime Tech Support by Rapallo’s Professional Service Team through email or web chat.


Why acoustic transparent?

Make you speakers disappear just as a commercial cinema does.

For the serious audiophile home theatre enthusiast, placement of speakers behind the screen reproduces the closest design aspect of the cinema experience with accurate projection of sound.  The only way the dialog will be heard coming directly from the actor’s mouth is to place the speakers directly behind an acoustic transparent screen. Finally hear all your favorite films just as the director intended.

Additional information

Weight 35 kg


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