For Music Lovers, From Music Lovers.

Volumio project was born in late 2013, out of frustration by the lack of valid solutions to emancipate digital music playback from ordinary PCs, usually big, loud machines with poorly performing softwares for music streaming.

We wanted the flexibility to control our music through web interfaces, the ease of managing it all in a single place and the possibility to move beyond PCs and towards better performing machines. But, above all we longed for a software crafted and dedicated to maximize audio quality at bit-perfection level.

We decided it was time to build our own audiophile music player.

The first Rasperry PI model was just been released and we started developing a minimal audio-oriented Linux Distribution called RaspyFi as a side project. We made it available via a small blog and, to our great surprise, the response was amazing.

At that moment, we finally realized we were not alone in our quest for our ideal audiophile music player.

Volumio was born. A side project turned quickly into a full-time commitment, a small software evolved rapidly into a multi device operating system and a small team is now an amazing community of 200k music lovers.

Everything we do is driven by our love for music and our mission is to continuously research and improve in the field of audio system to always provide our community the best possible music experience.

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