The German brand VINCENT was registrated in 1995 as a trade mark by Sintron Vertriebs GmbH in Iffezheim/Germany.

Since the foundation Sintron develops further continually the products of the high-end brand. German know-how guarantees a high-quality, excellent and secure series manufacture in far east – high-class parts and above-average processed housings provide the brand’s high “inner values”. Product development takes place in Germany. VINCENT’s driving force is undoubtedly Sintron’s CEO and electrical engineer Uwe Bartel.

VINCENT stands for a continual orientation to 2-channel stereo in the high end class. There are two electrical concepts. On one side there are the solid state products – equipment that is based on pure transistor technology. Products of the solidLine are one example to be mentioned. They have a precise, light and dynamic sound design.

The other is hybrid technology: These are devices that are partly equipped with tubes to give the sound the typical “tube character”, but using the solid state power in the output stage. It is possible to achieve a power for driving even difficult speakers. The sound character is both airy and dynamic, but also hybrid units offer their own charms with tubes which add certain warmth to the sound.

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