Indigo Projection Screens

Rapallo | The Milky Way Theatre

Rapallo imports the Indigo Projection Screens directly and each screen is custom made for your requirements.

The Indigo Projection Screens range are an essential element of any home cinema, they have specially designed fabrics which give you the optimum picture quality and ensure colours and contrast are shown at their best. We have a range of home cinema projector screens available depending on your specific requirements:

  • Ceiling Recessed Screens that conceal into your ceiling with only the faceplate visible, and drop at the touch of a button.
  • On-Wall/Ceiling Screens that mount onto your ceiling or wall and drop at the touch of a button.
  • Floor Up Screens that sit on the floor or in the sub-floor and rise upwards at the touch of a button
  • Manual / FastFold Screens that sit on the floor and are easy to setup.
  • Fixed-frame Projector Screens can simply be hung on the wall. Different screen fabrics like acoustically transparent are available.
  • ALR Fixed Frame Screens that have a special Lenticular Fabric and are designed to be used with Ultra Short throw Projectors only.

You can also choose from a wide range of sizes and fabrics for a screen that works for your set-up in your home, church, school, hall or business.

The Indigo Projectior Screens come with a 10yr warranty and support from the team @ Rapallo and we have personally inspected the factory and we have been working with our suppliers for the past 15yrs. We can also install them for you too, just let us know.

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