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How to read amplifier specs?

How to read amplifier specs?

Amplifiers are complicated machines that require a fair amount of engineering. What goes on inside the bowels of your amplifier is important and determines a lot about what your amplifier can or cannot do, what set-up it will suit  and last but not least what budget...
Headphone Drivers discussed

Headphone Drivers discussed

Time to discuss headphone drivers. Craving a new pair of headphones? Exciting! You will need to make the choice between in-ears, over-ears or on-ears. Should you opt for open-back or closed back?  Or should you make that semi-open? Do the headphones have a comfortable...
Speaker grilles on or off?

Speaker grilles on or off?

Here’s a puzzling one: when it comes to your speakers, do you leave the grilles on ….or do you take them off? Opinions, opinions…. Let’s ignore for a moment the difference in aesthetics of your speakers with the grills on or off. After all, that is a very personal...
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