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An update on Dolby Atmos

An update on Dolby Atmos

Dolby is calling Atmos “the most significant development in cinema audio since surround sound”. We had a wee think about whether we agree with that statement. The answer is: ‘Yeah, I guess so.’ But we’d like to add a side-note and we have said it many...
Our favorite concert blu-rays

Our favorite concert blu-rays

What’s with the weather? Anybody knows? I think it’s fair to say that here in Auckland we’ve had an unusual amount of drenching. We at Rapallo have been lucky enough to escape any nasty consequences of the extreme wet and have just been retreating to our home theatre...
AV cables: hype and science

AV cables: hype and science

  When choosing interconnects and speaker cables, we really want brands that don’t promote expensive pseudoscience or make semi-scientific statements. With a background in science and engineering (Master of Electronic Engineering) Bart is a strong advocate...
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