Panasonic Floor Stand Kiosk Outdoor Series

$10,999.00 inc GST

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The Panasonic Floor Stand Kiosk Outdoor Series is a super bright advertising display with IP65 rating.

It will provide interactive information release and other functions outside shopping malls, retail, catering, art exhibitions, rail & air transit and other industries.


Panasonic Floor Stand Kiosk Outdoor Series

Add a Panasonic Floor Stand Kiosk Outdoor Series in your retail or service area. Today’s students, corporate leaders, and content managers deserve displays that deliver an immersive experience – and not fail at the worst possible time. Panasonic LCD and LED professional displays provide an unparalleled visual experience with a full range of sizes and options.


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You Deserve a Better Display Experience
Lost productivity, poorly communicated ideas, incompatible solution components and unreliable equipment. These are display challenges that translate to lost potential—for business, in the classroom and for entertainment. Innovative displays from Panasonic empower the exchange of ideas, inspire collaboration and learning, and create a WOW experience every time for a deeper and more engaging experience. They have engineered their displays to work 24/7 with your existing systems as well as adapt to your future plans.


Key Features

  • 6mm armored glass
  • FHD/UHD resolution
  • High visibility with ultra high brightness
  • Android SoC/ monitor as option
  • Fan cooling
  • Remote monitoring
  • IP65 water and dust resistance
  • Outdoor usage
  • Touch option available (please enquire)

Additional information

Weight 140 kg
Dimensions 18 × 205 × 71 cm


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