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4K or UHD – what do I choose?

4K or UHD – what do I choose?

We get often asked when talking about home theatre or media rooms, do I need a 4k projector? Well that depends… so let’s wind back a few years to get some clarification. With HDTVs and computer monitors both approaching somewhat normal levels in pricing here in NZ,...
The Optoma UHD65 shakes it up

The Optoma UHD65 shakes it up

We’re a rather lucky bunch at Rapallo. We get to play with the best ‘toys’ available in the market, test them, compare them and show them off to our customers. The last few weeks, thanks to the good folks at JVC, Epson and Optoma, we have been able to see with our own...
Projectors versus big TV

Projectors versus big TV

Even though movie tickets can run $20 a pop, people still line up for premieres. One reason: The enormous screen. It’s so much easier to lose yourself in a movie when the action takes place on a 200-inch screen than when it’s displayed on the 50-incher you might have...

Projector Lamp Longevity

Do you have any idea why the colors of an InFocus projector have turned green-blue (or rather lost red) after only 250 hours? Is this an indication of lamp aging? Sotiris Filippakopoulos Before answering your question, let me start with some projector-lamp basics. The...
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