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Sound & Vision in Your Tiny Home or Apartment

Sound & Vision in Your Tiny Home or Apartment

Let’s face it, times are changing. As cities grow and populations increase the ideal home will no longer be the “kiwi quarter acre dream” … and its changing fast. Council regulations changed a few years back that allow multi-level development in residential areas. So...
Home Theatre Dreaming

Home Theatre Dreaming

Ok. It’s home theatre confession time.  Bart has been a movie lover since his teens. Sure, I love a movie. But not LOVE a movie, the way Bart does. So, when our time came to get into the real estate market, a home theatre was very high on Bart’s wishlist. Every home...

Epson LS10000 demo night

The invitations had gone out a few weeks before. It was the first demo night for Rapallo at its new location in East Tamaki. On June 18th, Nick, Bram and Bart showcased the new Epson LS10000 laser projector. Due to the strong interest from our Rapallo customers, the...
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