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Starting a renovation, a new build or looking to update your AV  / HiFi or add Home Automation.

There is a lot to think about, so we will keep it simple for you by taking care of all the parts to the project, while keeping you updated at each step of the process. The Rapallo AV Installation team specializes in design and delivery of custom AV installations, tailored to your individual wishes, needs and budget. From new builds to retro-fits we can manage the entire project, with our own building / electrical  / networking partners if required.

We start working with you from the outset to formalise a scope based on your plans, dreams or ideas. This sets the road-map for the project and ensures that the final outcome matches your expectations.

Products and specifics come next, where we will work on the setup, the technology and the placement which leads to a visit to the Rapallo demo rooms, to demo something similar to your project. This ensures you understand what it will be like when its completed.

Once you are happy with what we are proposing, we then kick the installation process into gear… then its game-on to the end result. A satisfied client and great movies or sound.


9 + 4 =


Bring amazing Hollywood epics into your home.  Matched with the incredible imagery of the Native 4K and UHD projectors, you wont just be watching the movie but will feel a part of the action.

Home theatre can be a dedicated room, or integrated into your existing lounge or living room. With the option to use speakers that are either in-wall, free-standing or ceiling mounted means there is an option that will work with your room, no matter the size or the layout.

Let Rapallo help you create a truly amazing experience in your home.


Gone are the days of expensive systems in different rooms. Our app based multi-room systems let the music follow you throughout your home or business, switch the music between the rooms or join them all.

Rapallo’s range of multi-room systems range from installed systems that are permanent and hidden, to portable on the go units that can be moved throughout your home or office space. Access the extensive sound libraries of Spotify or TIDAL, play music off your phone and link in portable music devices.

Let Rapallo help you create a truly amazing sound experience in your home or business.

I was looking for a new home theater & found Rapallo,  where excellent knowledge and genuine customer service was given rather than the “salesman selling technique” was used. Thank you very much Deano, he helped me reach an informed decision. Highly recommend, best customer service. 5 STAR
Nikhil D.


Got a great deal on a home theatre package, which made me very happy to begin with, but to still receive expert advice over the phone during set-up, was pure class and resulted in a great customer experience. Highly recommend.
Michael H



Sounds + Outdoor = Soundscape

Making every outdoor event amazing, with high quality audio products that bring the indoors sound, outside.

Rapallo’s range of outdoor speakers match perfectly with your outdoor living space. We can implement a sound plan that works with your landscaping, which is so well hidden it is actually part of your landscape design

Let Rapallo help you create a truly amazing outdoor soundspace.


Bring your favourite artists to your place.

Experience the sounds of your favourite artists in HiFi sound with Rapallo’s extensive range of amplifiers, power amps, DAC’s and speakers. Visit us or talk to the team and we can assist you with a full setup, or individual pieces to compliment your existing gear.

Choosing the right products for your specific needs asks for some consideration. Our world leading products combined with our extensive product knowledge all leads to great sound in your listening space.

Let Rapallo help you create a sound room or lounge sound that is inspiring.


Making your home easier to use when you are at home, or away.

ELAN delivers smart home control systems and automation personalized for you – always intuitive and responsive to the way you live. Now with intelligent touch smart home panels enabling face recognition and voice control, plus two elegant remotes, it’s easier than ever to manage your smart home.

Talk to Rapallo to find out more.

Building / Alterations

We can carry out most small building projects around your home theatre / media room or sound space. Our partners at ReComm work closely with us on each project.


Whether it’s adding a power point, re configuring the electrical system or running Cat6 through your house for a full AV build, we can manage most electrical project with our partner Carson Electrical.

ELAN Home Automation

Controlling the systems in your home using home automation means easier management of your home and its services. We provide automation on the ELAN platform. 

AV Design & Planning

Building a home or maybe its a business fit-out, we can provide expert audio / video design for the best possible sound or vision products to create an incredible experience.


home theatre 5.1

Your life will never be the same after you experience true home theatre for  the very first time.

Experience the rich visual imagery that makes you feel like you are right there. The basic system is matched with 5 speakers and a subwoofer (5.1) to allow you to not only hear, but also feel the action as it rumbles off the screen.

home theatre 7.1

A step up to the 7.1 home theatre system adds more reality to your home theatre experience.

By adding two extra rear speakers, this 7.1 system it will create a richer surround sound experience to your lounge or media / home theatre room.

home theatre 7.1.4

Atmos… it is what creates the tingle down your back when watching a Dolby Atmos enabled movie.

It brings a new dimension and adds a surreal reality to the movie experience. With sounds originating from around the room, you will feel the action as it
happens all round you!

multi-room audio
home / business

Everyone wants to listen to their favourite tune in their own space on their own time. With the addition of a multi-room audio system in your home or business, this becomes a possibility.

Send music to individual rooms or join them all and have the same music throughout the spaces. With an easy to use app linked to popular streaming services like TIDAL, Spotify and iHeart Radio and other platforms, it gives you a massive library of music at your finger tips, all day every day.

multi-room audio / visual
light commercial, pubs & bars

Public spaces and commercial tenancies require a well thought out sound plan to allow for different surfaces, acoustics and the requirements of either the patrons or the workers.

Having the ability to change the sound or move the seating to allow for games / visual content needs to be well designed.

Great sound or visual content creates great memories. Creating an integrated platform in your commercial building or business will enhance the mood and make for a more enjoyable visit.

boardroom & meeting rooms
commercial spaces

A well designed and well integrated boardroom or meeting room is vital to ensure the spaces are function and flexible.

These spaces are used with a high frequency each day by staff or customers, so functionality is a prime consideration. The ability to switch easily between
sources and provide clear communication through a meeting means quicker more productive meetings… and less IT hassles.

Our focus is on delivering the best product and the best service. We ensure we take the time to understand your requirements, which creates a successful project.

Much like building a house, a full audio or visual experience must start with a design based on the room or the environment. This is then matched to the clients requirements. A total 360’ solution from design to pushing play.

Most larger projects we bring you (or your client) in-house to experience either the entire solution, or parts of it, before committing to the project. Our demo rooms allow for a complete understanding before the install and the confidence that the final result will be as expected.

Rapallo allows you to optimise the audio or visual implementation at the design phase, to achieve maximum impact and minimum fuss at the installation phase. Then you can sit back and enjoy the sound and vision once it is all commissioned.

All our solutions are designed to be able to be easily reconfigured or added to when and where required with minimal fuss. Our team ensures that your project is future-proofed through product selection and planned installation.


Our focus is on delivering to you the best product and the best service. So we ensure we take the time to understand your requirements. To enable a successful project, either residential or commercial we follow a similar process each time.

Step1 | PROJECT MEETING – The initial meeting to understand your plans, budget and requirements. This step is vital, as much like when you design a house, you need a great design and a great set of plans. It also sets the scope for the project.

Step2 | PLAN / REQUIREMENTS – If the project requires it, we produce an AV / HiFi requirements plan which provides a full budget breakdown. We will then walk you through our proposal, so you have a full understanding of the project and what is being delivered.

Step3 | TIMELINES – A set of agreed timelines are produced for the project so all parties are aware of the requirements for items such as pre-wiring before the GIB is attached to the walls, speaker install or the final commissioning of the system.

Step4 | APPROVAL / START – On approval, the hard work begins with either pre-wiring and other work before walls are gibbed, or it could be the complete install. We work with existing on-site trades to the project timelines and will have completed our part of the project when and where required.

Step5 | PIM TESTING / REWORK – Post implementation testing and approval by the Rapallo AV team. We won’t be happy until all the last pieces are tidied up, the wiring looks great and the install is working as expected. We also refer back to the agreed project specifications to ensure it is setup as agreed.

Step6 | HANDOVER & TRAINING – The handover, where we will show you through the install, explain how it works and if required, produce a user manual specific for your install. We cover off all the components, explain how it all fits together and ensure you know how to use it (we find this is kinda vital).

Step7 | FOLLOW-UP – After a few weeks we will check in with you to ensure all the products are working as expected, to see if you have any questions or perhaps you might need a run through of a specific element.

Step8 | RAPALLO AFTER-CARE – We now move you to Rapallo After-Care, where we are then on-call should you have any questions or issues. A quick call to the team and we will help you with anything you need or be onsite.


For home or office, we will advise you on suitable products, cabling, additional components, compatibility, integration, the latest and the greatest technology as well as future proofing your set-up. Even your existing equipment can be incorporated into the new system.

Our focus is on delivering to you the best product and the best service. So we ensure we take the time to understand your requirements. We can project manage the entire project for you from the pre-wiring (if its a new house) right that through to install and final system configuration.

The ultimate in “try-before-you-buy”. Visit our demo rooms to try headphones, soundbars, HiFi components, speakers of all sizes and types as well as home theatre projectors. Our staff will talk you through your options and provide expert help and guidance for your HiFi or AV project.

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