Luxman JPR-15000 Ultimate Cables

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The Luxman JPR-15000 Ultimate Cables flagship line cables offer three types of connector options.

LUXMAN’s flagship 15000 series cables have been engineered to optimize the wide range of breakthrough technologies developed, and know-how gained, from decades of experience in developing class leading audio amplifiers.

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Luxman JPR-15000 Ultimate Cables

The Luxman JPR-15000 Ultimate Cables feature:

  • a large diameter core utilizing high-purity 7N CLASS D.U.C.C. (99.99998%+ pure copper*) to ensure lower impedance.
  • LUXMAN original technologies, such as a non-twisted structure of binding hot and cold lines in parallel to eliminate unwanted inductance,
  • an integrated bound structure of the Left and Right channels to minimize unwanted ground loops and individual shielding for hot and cold transmission lines (reducing line-to-line capacitance by half) are also featured, resulting in an unconstrained and lively sound.

The JPR-15000 features newly developed, easy to mount, high quality RCA terminals that are constructed of high conductivity materials. The JPC-15000 is fitted with genuine XLR terminals manufactured by Neutrik®. A newly developed, adjustable branch holder with an integral aluminum cover allows the length from the terminal to the holder to be easily adjusted without compromising the structural performance or appearance.


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Structure Individually shielded 2-core,non-twisted structure
Core wire High-purity copper (7N CLASS D.U.C.C.),
Φ0.26mm x 19pcs
Insulator / Sheath Polyethylene (red, primary color)/PVC(blue)
Shielded wire Oxygen-free copper (OFC) wire, Φ0.18mm x 38pcs
Drain wire Oxygen-free copper (OFC) wire, Φ0.08mm x 30pcs
Conductor resistance 18mΩ/m or less (at 20°C)
Insulation resistance 5000MΩ/m or more (at 20°C)
Capacitance 70pF/m or less
Withstand voltage 1,000VAC (for 1 minute)
Cable outside diameter 10.5mm x 20mm
* 7N-Class D.U.C.C.(Dia Ultra Crystallized Copper): Using the world’s highest purity of copper, while keeping the same crystal size of conventional high-purity conductors, D.U.C.C. allows for an even higher grade conductor with optimized alignment of the crystal structure resulting in significantly improved conductivity dedicated for high end audio cables. D.U.C.C. is a registered trademark of Mitsubishi Cable Industries, Ltd

Additional information

Weight .05 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 10 cm


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