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Meticulously designed, amazing visual experiences

Enjoy your movies or streamed content in the comfort of your home with these great collections of market leading products.

Rest easy with risk-free everything, we have got your back.

With free shipping, full ongoing Rapallo support and full product warranties, installing a Rapallo Home Theatre anywhere in New Zealand has never been easier.

Feel & see the difference with live demo’s @ Rapallo.

We are not your average Home Theatre store. If you are close by, you can test out the all these options in a private, pressure-free space – we call it our Demo Room.

Experience amazing customer support from our team.

Talk to a human (Ben or Deano), when you need to. Our Product Specialists are always just a text, call, or chat away to help solve your issues or provide expert advice. Say hello.


  • Starts from $3,999.00
  • Setup it up yourself or book a Rapallo install

Watch movies or stream content in the comfort of your lounge.

You don’t need to stress trying to work out what you need, we will give you everything you need to easily set up your home cinema system. It includes all the cables, mounts, speakers, AV Receiver, projector and screen, plus you even have the option of adding Google Chromecast. Enjoy a 5.1 channel surround experience accompanied by an excellent 1080p home cinema projector and your choice of 100″ screen.


  • Starts from $11,399.00
  • Setup it up yourself or book a Rapallo install

Heighten your movie experience with this ultimate Klipsch Tower package and Optoma UHD Projector.

Sit back and relax in your own cinema at home. Watch the latest Netflix series or movies in crystal clear sound and picture and the whole family can experience the thrill of the cinema at home. We have carefully designed complete packages that work exceptionally well.


  • Starts from $33,099.00
  • Setup it up yourself or book a Rapallo install

Get the Home Cinema experience of your dreams and watch your favourite Netflix series in 4k.

Having a cinema in your home that outclasses anything you can experience at the theatres. The flagship package deserves flagship ELAC speakers, SONY’s Native 4K Projector, and ARCAM’s top-of-the-line AV Receiver with world class amplification and room correction technology. This will give you the realism of being part of the movie as you watch on a 120″ screen big enough, so everyone at the viewing party (or maybe just the two of you) can see the action!

Don’t settle for second best, this is Rapallo’s Flagship Cinema Package.


I was looking for a new home theater & found Rapallo,  where excellent knowledge and genuine customer service was given rather than the “salesman selling technique” was used. Thank you very much Deano, he helped me reach an informed decision. Highly recommend, best customer service. 5 STAR
Nikhil D.

Rotorua, 29/07/2019

Got a great deal on a home theatre package, which made me very happy to begin with, but to still receive expert advice over the phone during set-up, was pure class and resulted in a great customer experience. Highly recommend.
Michael H

Christchurch, 12/01/2018


Meet the Rapallo Staff | Deano Lambert

Meet the Rapallo Staff | Deano Lambert

A huge part of Rapallo is our staff, as we are only a small team. All our team are crucial to the operation of the business but more importantly, they are the people that deal with you... our customer.  We understand that your experience and your needs are unique. We...

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Musaic & Wireless Sound

Musaic & Wireless Sound

What I was looking for was to be able to easily add two additional zones to our networked system, one for a bathroom, and another for a large office area where I was about to be working from during lockdown.

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The mysteries of a CD Transport explained

The mysteries of a CD Transport explained

I am constantly asked whether a CD transport [an audio CD Player with a digital output] is better than an dedicated CD player. There is some confusion as one is a "transport" and one a "player".  To the uninitiated this may sound like a taxi and a money shark from Las...

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Improving Your TV’s Sound For Binge Watching At Home

Improving Your TV’s Sound For Binge Watching At Home

The laws of physics are cruel mistresses. It is they who keep your television’s audio quality at its current inadequate standard. Today's flat screens with their ultra-slim profiles simply don't have the enclosure space necessary to allow speaker drivers to give you...

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This Changes Everything…

This Changes Everything…

The Hugo M Scaler takes the digital file and repairs it, adding back the information lost between the samples, then it sends the repaired file to the DAC (Digital to Analogue Converter).

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Sound & Vision in Your Tiny Home or Apartment

Sound & Vision in Your Tiny Home or Apartment

Let’s face it, times are changing. As cities grow and populations increase the ideal home will no longer be the “kiwi quarter acre dream” … and its changing fast. Council regulations changed a few years back that allow multi-level development in residential areas. So...

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For home or office, we will advise you on suitable products, cabling, additional components, compatibility, integration, the latest and the greatest technology as well as future proofing your set-up. Even your existing equipment can be incorporated into the new system.

Our focus is on delivering to you the best product and the best service. So we ensure we take the time to understand your requirements. We can project manage the entire project for you from the pre-wiring (if its a new house) right that through to install and final system configuration.

The ultimate in “try-before-you-buy”. Visit our demo rooms to try headphones, soundbars, HiFi components, speakers of all sizes and types as well as home theatre projectors. Our staff will talk you through your options and provide expert help and guidance for your HiFi or AV project.

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