remote control extender

One of the products that flies out of the Rapallo doors on a daily basis is the wireless remote control extender. 

It means you can enjoy your music AND change the volume without running back into the lounge and while you're listening to music in the room next door. Even better: you don't have to install a wall-plate volume control. 

We regularly get emails and phone calls from customers who are not quite sure how to install the product or even think it is faulty. While we are more than happy to help you out, we thought it might be much better to save you the time and simply show you what to do.

Rapallo recently started a YouTube Channel  discussing new AV products, new AV Technology and some AV how to tips. 

So, after our first YouTube video series about the Emotiva Airmotiv speakers, this one is a bit more of the DIY kind. Our posts comes in two seperate Vlogs: the first one shows you how to do it, the second one answers some frequently asked questions. We certainly hope it makes setting up that wireless remote control extender a breeze. 

Feel free to subscribe to the Rapallo YouTube Channel and of course you are more than welcome to pop in to our brand new shop to check our products out for yourself.