92 inch Nova 16:9 Manual Pull Down Screen



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Our Nova Manual premium grade front projection screen is Indigo’s top end model for the home theatre enthusiast

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RRP $455.00

Our Price: $256.00

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Indigo Screens Nova Manual Front Projection Screen

Our Nova Manual premium grade front projection screen is Indigo’s top end model for the home theatre enthusiast.

With superb European CAD designed construction and modern contemporary lines, the Nova Manual creates a professional cinema experience in your very own home.

The elegant powder coated white aluminum housing is rust resistant. Designed with the best quality matte white screen fabric, colours are vivid and crisp, 1080p HD will never look better.  

Cutting-edge technology has been applied to the Nova Manual with a pioneering patent slowdown locator, allowing procession closing. Equipped with CRS (Controlled Retracting Screen) device operation becomes easier, safer and smoother. “Self Lock Plus” is a new technology of a three gear group design, whereby the user can easily stop the Nova Screen at any vertical position desired.

With the simplest operation – Pull Down: Stop at the desired position, and hold for three seconds, release and the screen self locks. Retraction: Pull down a fraction then let go, the screen automatically retracts by itself and slows downs as it enters the main housing. Nova Manual Front Projection Screen, a Work of Art, a design classic.


- Stylish Powder Coated Aluminum Case and Auto Retraction
- CAD designed contemporary styling, full aluminum casing
- Special soft edge eliminates noise and impact when closing
- High grade black-backed washable matte white fabric gain 1.0 - 1.1
- CRS Controlled Retraction patent deceleration locator
- Self Lock Plus”  three gear group design
- Multiple self-locking fixings for ceiling or wall

HD 1080p Front Projection Fabric

High Resolution Black-backed Matte White Fabric  -  UV resistant, anti-static, cleanable, mildew resistant and flame retardant

The latest washable high end front projection screen fabric designed for HD 1080p, produces brighter images, vivid colours and crisp images that really pop!

 Matte white screen fabric allows a wider viewing angle and the most accurate of film colors out of all the screen fabrics.

N.B. All screens both manual and motorized once installed should be left down for 5 or more days to remove the newness smell of the fabric and the warmth in the room also helps iron out any ripple or waves in the fabric.


Aspect Ratio
Size (inch) L (mm) W H B1 B2 B3 Package Size
L x W x H
16:9 92 " 2215 2030 1140 40 50 680 2475 × 210 × 165 14
106 " 2530 2345 1320 40 50 500 2785 × 210 × 165 17.5
120 " 2635 2635 1480 40 50 340 3090 × 210 × 165 20
133 " 2950 2950 1655 40 50 170 3425 × 210 × 165 23


Customer Reviews

Fantastic HD picture for home theatre room

Review by Grant Phillips
Product Rating
Put this up in my downstairs media room a few months ago. Very happy with it.

Using a Panasonic PT-AE4000, full HD projector with this screen gives incredible results.

Has clever mounting brackets for either ceiling or wall mounting. I mounted mine on the wall. Screw the two included metal brackets on the wall, then the screen just clips onto these. You can then slide the screen left or right to get it perfectly positioned. Then it locks into place.

For a manual pull down screen, you can't go wrong with this one.
Like any projector/screen setup, make sure you minimise the outside light sources.

Thanks Rapallo for stocking this screen at a very reasonable price.
(Posted on 11/06/12)



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